About Me

Over 20 years ago I took photography in high school and just fell in love with it.  I would come after school to spend time in the darkroom to develop my rolls of film I exposed during the week. I made black and white prints using the schools enlargers. After high school I went on to other careers and trades but would take paying photographic jobs mostly for the love of photography. I'm  always kept up to date in all photographic equipment. My main gear was Nikon and Hasselblad.


Occasionally I will take on gigs shooting professional sports for a national magazine.  I have had my pictures published locally and nationally.  I enjoy shooting football more than baseball or any other sports. Baseball is very predictable and doesn't offer me much of a challenge.    Football is very challenging because there are so many things happening during any given moment. 

Capturing the sequence of that moment is what drives me to shoot this side of photography.







Today photography is still my passion and still staying on top of the latest the photographic industry had to offer. I shoot totally in digital now and my film cameras are in my closet collecting dust.  I enjoy weddings  photography. I shoot over  70 weddings yearly and enjoy capturing the moments. I prefer digital because it's the future of photography. Although developing film and printing is still fun, digital is more accurate and faster in terms of workflow. My clients are able to view their images online in the privacy of their home, and in some cases that evening. No more waiting monthsfor a proof book.


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